According to the Montana Public Health and Safety website, a toxic or harmful algal bloom is an overgrowth of algae produced by cyanobacteria. If humans or pets are exposed, these blooms can bring serious harm. The danger lies in consuming the water, wading or swimming, and being near the water.

It is possible to find these toxic algal blooms in any body of standing water exposed to the sun! Cyanobacteria are naturally occurring in these habitats. Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and roadside ditches are areas of concern.

The surface of the water with a harmful bloom will have certain characteristics. It has been described as pea soup, grass clippings, or spilled paint. It is usually suspended into visible floating mats.

Symptoms of exposure:


Please visit the following website for the most up-to-date information on this potentially life-threatening danger:
Harmful Algal Blooms in Montana
There is an interactive map showing confirmed or suspect blooms around the state, so you can plan your outings safely!

If you are concerned about a potential exposure for your pets, please don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian immediately!

Source: MTDPHHS link in article