September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Cats can be mysterious creatures… seemingly loners and super independent thinkers. Do you ever wonder if your cat is happy? Is she living her best life? Keep reading to learn some ways you can make sure you are living with a happy kitty (so you can be happy too!).

NUTRITION: The right diet with balanced nutrition is extremely important for your cat and her health. You’ll want to choose high-quality, tested and approved diets, and only give treats once in a while. It can be challenging to help a cat lose weight once they are overweight, so it is best to stay ahead of the habits and foundation that keep a healthy weight.

PLAY TIME: Cats love to stalk and chase, as they are natural hunters. You’d be surprised how easy it is to re-create this type of play with even simple household items. Laser pointers are a lot of fun, and so are balls or strings. Just make sure you don’t allow your cat to eat the string, as this can cause GI problems up to obstructions. A scratching post is a great opportunity for play as well.

ATTENTION/INTERACTION: Cats typically enjoy human interaction, sometimes if only on their terms. Give her lots of cuddles, strokes behind the ear or under the chin, and pay attention to when enough is enough. You may consider getting her a companion… felines are social animals and typically enjoy the company of another dog or cat. Just make sure you monitor first encounters and give lots of space.

ENTERTAINMENT: Ever heard of cat TV? You may know it by another name… the living room window. Make sure she has a perch or place to watch the world around her. If she can watch from higher ground, even better. Going outside is great entertainment too, as there is lots to see and smell. Train your cat to walk on a leash or harness. An outdoor “catio” can easily be made by repurposing a tent or child-safe enclosure.

CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: Kitties are very sensitive to smells and debris in their environments. Their litter box should be kept clean and refreshed regularly.

WELLNESS VISITS: Best way to keep your cat happy is to keep her healthy… ask your veterinarian how you can make the trip to the vet a pleasant one! We typically recommend helping her get accustomed to the carrier before the trip, as well as the use of feline pheromones to help alleviate stress.

Wishing you many healthy and happy years with your feline friends.