We have exciting news! Our newest veterinarian, Dr. Lauryn McDowell, is certified for PennHip screenings. She underwent extensive training for this. We are excited to be one of very few clinics in the area that offer it. It is important to our clinic to remain at the forefront of gold-standard veterinary medicine in the Gallatin Valley, and no one will work harder for you or your pet!

What is PennHip?

PennHip screening is the most accurate hip screening method available, and is performed on dogs as young as 16 weeks of age. It includes three separate radiographs to evaluate the ball-and-socket joint of the hip – specifically how the head of the femur fits into the hip socket (acetabulum). In hip dysplasia, the femoral head does not lie sufficiently deep in the hip socket and is loose. During movement, this malformation of the hip joint results in a wear of the joint cartilage, and thereby inevitably to painful processes such as osteoarthritis. Canine hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease and can lead to a diminished quality of life.

An early estimate of a dog’s hip integrity is invaluable, whether the dog’s intended purpose is for breeding, a working dog, or as a family pet. With this information, preventative and palliative strategies can be recommended by your veterinarian.

A complete PennHip evaluation includes an initial office consultation, sedation/anesthesia, and submission of the radiographs to board-certified radiologists for evaluation.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us with any questions, and we would be happy to direct you to the right staff member.