It’s finally spring in Montana! Those of us who find joy in gardening, tending to our lawn, or spending time outside.. this is our favorite time of the year. If you’re like me, your pets want in on it too. In fact, they will not leave my side and must know what I’m getting into, and if they can get into it too. Unfortunately, not every aspect of gardening and lawn maintenance is safe for our pets to be a part of.

The information below is taken straight from an article on, a trusted veterinary diagnostic laboratory. Click the link to read the full article!

  1. Ornamental Bulbs– Moderate to severe GI symptoms
  2. Lily Of the Valley– Various cardiac issues ranging in severity up to death
  3. Herbicides– Higher risk of certain cancers
  4. Synthetic Fertilizers (until dry)– depending of the primary mineral, can cause GI upset, skin irritation, neurological symptoms, or pulmonary damage.
  5. Organic Fertilizers– although rare, some GI upset
  6. Insecticides– Severe life-threatening neurological symptoms potentially leading to death.

If you are unsure of the safety of a particular plant or product after a suspect ingestion or exposure, please call us at 406-551-2360. We may suggest you call the ASPCA Poison Control helpline at 888-426-4435 for guidance.

Overall, err on the side of caution with gardening materials. If you can separate the areas or block off access, that is best. At least until the area is dry, in the case of fertilizers.

Thank you for reading!
Rachel, Operations Manager at 360 Pet Medical