Guess The Breed Quiz – Koda!

Click the link HERE to test your breed knowledge skills! Koda's mom thought it would be fun to send off an Embark DNA Test for this sweet boy. The results are a little bit expected, a little bit shocking!! Once you've taken your quiz, choose "Review Answers" to see exactly what percentage of [...]

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Welcome, Dr. Lauryn McDowell!

Lauryn McDowell grew up here in Bozeman, MT. She graduated from Montana State University <> with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology. Dr. McDowell completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University <> in 2016. Her background in wildlife enabled her to work with a wide variety of wildlife and exotic species during [...]

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Heat Stroke Dangers and Prevention

This week is going to be a hot one! How can we keep our pets safe when the risk of hyperthermia (heat stroke) is just beginning for the summer? As the temps rise and summer sets in, the risk of heat stroke poses a threat to our companion animals. Some of the most common causes [...]

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Pet First Aid: Approaching An Injured Animal

Our first video in a series of many, touching on pet first aid topics. Many thanks to our staff pets Chloe and Dash for participating! In this video, you will learn dog and cat body language to be cautious with, how to make a homemade muzzle, capture techniques for both dogs and cats, and the [...]

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Amos Took A DNA Test

On of our CVTs, Ellie, adopted sweet Amos recently. He came from the Wolf Point Pound Puppies rescue program, so his background was totally unknown. Of course we got curious about breeds! We could guess all day, but the only way to know "for sure" was... to take a DNA test!!! So we sent a [...]

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Toxic Algal Blooms In Montana

According to the Montana Public Health and Safety website, a toxic or harmful algal bloom is an overgrowth of algae produced by cyanobacteria. If humans or pets are exposed, these blooms can bring serious harm. The danger lies in consuming the water, wading or swimming, and being near the water. It is possible to find [...]

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Limited re-opening June 8th!

          View this post on Instagram                   Along with a return to our normal business hours and days, we will be opening our lobby next week to limited traffic! Please do not enter the clinic unless you have a scheduled in-clinic appointment, but [...]

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May is National Chip Your Pet Month!

Hi, Rachel here! Unfortunately, I have first-hand experience now getting the phone call that your dog has been found and I'd like to share it with you! I knew how important it was to microchip, but now I really understand. Skiba escaped our fence and went for a joyride, but we didn't know until we [...]

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Gardening Dangers for Dogs

  It's finally spring in Montana! Those of us who find joy in gardening, tending to our lawn, or spending time outside.. this is our favorite time of the year. If you're like me, your pets want in on it too. In fact, they will not leave my side and must know what I'm getting [...]

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