Anesthesia Safety for Pets

Many veterinary procedures, such as dental cleanings and spay and neuter procedures, require anesthesia to ensure your pet remains still and doesn’t experience pain. While most pets don’t have problems undergoing anesthesia, many pet owners have concerns about their pet being anesthetized. Our team at 360 Pet Medical wants to help by offering information about [...]

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Welcoming Dr. Cassidy Temple!

We are happy to announce the addition of Dr. Cassidy Temple to the 360 Pet Medical team! She first joined 360 Pet Medical originally in 2017 as a veterinary assistant while she was completing her undergraduate degree in Microbiology at Montana State University. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University and [...]

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6 Tips to Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

Numerous pets are presented to urgent care facilities and emergency clinics every year, and while you cannot prevent many situations, you can take some precautions to decrease your pet’s risk. Our team at 360 Pet Medical wants to provide tips to prevent common pet emergencies and help safeguard your pet. #1: Keep your cat inside [...]

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Now Offering PennHip Screenings with Dr. McDowell!

We have exciting news! Our newest veterinarian, Dr. Lauryn McDowell, is certified for PennHip screenings. She underwent extensive training for this. We are excited to be one of very few clinics in the area that offer it. It is important to our clinic to remain at the forefront of gold-standard veterinary medicine in the Gallatin [...]

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Travels with Charley: In Search of a Stress-free Vacation

360 Pet Medical knows that pets bring meaning and memories to our lives—especially to our road trips. No book describes this better than Travels with Charley: In Search of America.' Author John Steinbeck’s standard poodle Charley was his “ambassador” who spoke with strangers and learned about their lives. If, like Steinbeck and Charley, you plan [...]

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Advanced Imaging for Pets

Our team at 360 Pet Medical offers several of the most commonly used advanced imaging modalities to diagnose your pet’s condition. We would like to provide information about these techniques and how we use their findings to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for your pet. Digital radiology in pets An X-ray (i.e., [...]

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Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

A single mosquito bite can lead to a heartworm infection, causing serious health issues for your pet. Sadly, these infections frequently go undiagnosed, because many pets don’t exhibit signs until the parasites have caused irreversible damage to their heart and lungs. Our team at 360 Pet Medical wants to provide information about this concerning condition, [...]

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Why is My Pet Coughing?

Occasional coughing in pets can be normal, but a persistent or worsening cough is cause for concern. To help you make proactive care decisions and better understand your pet’s health, 360 Pet Medical has composed this guide to coughing in dogs and cats When to see the veterinarian for your pet’s cough First, you must [...]

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5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Pet Health Insurance

To avoid a difficult, possibly heartbreaking decision between finances and your pet’s care, pet health insurance is a must. In times of a serious accident, life-threatening illness, or chronic medical condition, having the financial capabilities to say, “Do whatever it takes to save my pet,” is a blessing for many pet owners because of pet [...]

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