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Sadie’s Dangerous Pet Toxin Encounters

Accidental poisonings are common in pets, and can occur despite the most attentive pet owners. Toxin exposure is considered a veterinary emergency, and can lead to serious, potentially life-threatening, health complications, so our 360 Pet Medical team wants to protect your pet from potential poisoning. We follow Sadie, a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever, as she [...]

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What is Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation?

Our 360 Pet Medical team provides your pet with comprehensive and unparalleled care. Along with routine wellness and preventive care, surgery, and emergency services, we also support your pet’s healing, mobility, strength, and comfort through veterinary physical rehabilitation. Take a close look at the many ways veterinary physical rehabilitation improves dogs’ and cats’ quality of [...]

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What Pet Owners Should Know About Brachycephalic Pet Problems

Brachycephalic pets’ exaggerated physical features make them extremely cute, but their characteristics contribute to several health and welfare problems. Our 360 Pet Medical team wants to offer information about these problems for brachycephalic pet owners or those considering a brachycephalic pet adoption.  Brachycephalic pets Brachycephalic means “short headed,” and these pets have been so-named because [...]

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Caring for Your Specially-Abled Pet

Pets can experience disabilities that impair their ability to participate and engage in daily activities. Specially-abled pets make excellent companions, but they require additional care and attention. Our 360 Pet Medical team wants to help by providing information about how to care for your specially-abled pet to ensure their life is fulfilling.  Caring for mobility-impaired [...]

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A Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease Guide for Cat Owners

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) encompasses a spectrum of diseases that plague many cats. These disorders are caused by many conditions, but affected cats experience similar distressing clinical signs. Our 360 Pet Medical team wants to help by providing information about FLUTD and ways you can decrease your cat’s risk.  Lower urinary tract disease [...]

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Anesthesia Safety for Pets

Many veterinary procedures, such as dental cleanings and spay and neuter procedures, require anesthesia to ensure your pet remains still and doesn’t experience pain. While most pets don’t have problems undergoing anesthesia, many pet owners have concerns about their pet being anesthetized. Our team at 360 Pet Medical wants to help by offering information about [...]

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6 Tips to Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

Numerous pets are presented to urgent care facilities and emergency clinics every year, and while you cannot prevent many situations, you can take some precautions to decrease your pet’s risk. Our team at 360 Pet Medical wants to provide tips to prevent common pet emergencies and help safeguard your pet. #1: Keep your cat inside [...]

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Travels with Charley: In Search of a Stress-free Vacation

360 Pet Medical knows that pets bring meaning and memories to our lives—especially to our road trips. No book describes this better than Travels with Charley: In Search of America.' Author John Steinbeck’s standard poodle Charley was his “ambassador” who spoke with strangers and learned about their lives. If, like Steinbeck and Charley, you plan [...]

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